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Health board discusses city issues

Members of the health board tackled one of Lubbock's longtime social problems Friday: teen pregnancy.Chairman Dr. Brian Carr "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" said health care workers have been innovative in creating abstinence programs for teenagers and young adults. The board is also concerned about the impact of flu season, advising you to get vaccinated now and see your physician "Anabolika Definition" if you feel any symptoms.Carr said if you are going to be around large crowds, like Oxandrolone Oral at the fair and especially at school, use sanitizer and do it often."You want to take steps to protect yourself and that can be of the simplest of things, such as regular hand washing, covering your mouth when you cough, go see the doctor at the first sign of illness. We just ask that you're taking Masteron Gets Rid Of Gyno care of yourself, so that we can keep you around," said Carr.Board "Anadrol 50" members also discussed the qualifications for the new health facilitator, a health department position which was "Oxandrolone Powder India" approved in the new city budget."The purpose of the position is to help facilitate educational efforts throughout the City of Lubbock. We're in the process right Primobolan Hgh Cycle now with finalizing the job description and getting the pay grade set, those kind of things that have to occur in human resources before we can post the position," said Beckie Brawley, public health coordinator.The job will be posted after October 1 "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" budget reading. That position is expected to be filled in time for a January 2015 start.The health board also passed a resolution to amend the city's current smoke free ordinance it goes to city council next week. Dr. Donald May offered an amendment to ban all tobacco products on store shelves, but that motion failed 3 to 2."We do support what the Smoke free Coalition is doing as evidenced by the passing of this resolution and hope that it can have success at the city council in amending that ordinance because I think there are certain things, different lifestyles, that are dangerous and different environments that are dangerous and we want to do what we can to promote the health of our citizens," said Carr.